Friday, June 2nd

Jared, Katie, and Angela presented on chapter five part two today.  Their SYNTHESIS paper, incorporating the novel, the art, and the class discussion, is due on Tuesday, June 6th.

George and Emily, your papers are past due.  Get them in a.s.a.p..



Last name, first name. “Violence in Slaughter House Five Chapter Two.” English 12,                 23 May 2017, Burnaby South Secondary School, Burnaby, B.C., panel                               presentation.

Please read chapter 6 for next class when Melissa, Serena, and Beatriz will present.


For the PANEL PRESENTATION, each person will:

  1.  present a PASSAGE ANALYSIS from the chapter on the chosen theme…comment on what the passage is about and how it ties into the theme, the use of language, and the purpose of the passage in context of the novel (25 marks)
  2. present a work of ART that is also on the same theme and explain the connections (15 marks)
  3. lead a class discussion with provocative questions on the theme (10 marks)
  4. write a SYNTHESIS PAPER on the theme using the novel, the art, and the class discussion as sources.  This paper is due the class after your presentation (50 marks).
  5. participate in class discussions to earn 5 marks per class (total of 50 marks).


There are only THREE WEEKS left of English 12.  Please check the I-report list below to make sure that you are passing by completing all the remaining assignments to the best of your ability.

I-REPORTS for those who are not passing right now

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