Monday, April 10th

We continued working our way through Act II today.

Each person was given a different passage from II.i.-III.iii..  Find the passage and figure out:

  1.  who is speaking to whom?
  2. what is being said?
  3. why is it said?  what is the context?
  4. how is it said?  what effect is created through the use of language (connotations, devices…)   10 marks
  5. what is the purpose of this passage?  (to advance the plot, to reveal character, to create atmosphere? to establish theme?…)   3 marks

As we read through the upcoming scenes, YOU will explain your passage aloud as we come to it.  The class agreed that this would be worth 20 marks.

We got up to II.iv.45 and will pick up from this point next class.


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