Monday, Oct. 31st

We launched into Act One of The Crucible,  getting up to page 16.  You will be writing a READING JOURNAL at the end of every act, so come prepared.  This means reading the PROSE PASSAGES in Act One of The Crucible.  The passages are on pages 3-8,14,20-21,25-26,32-36,40.


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Thursday, Oct. 27th

We wrote the in class commentary on a short story we have studied this term.  After that, we started reading the PROSE PASSAGES in Act One of The Crucible.  If you didn’t get a chance to read these in class, please do so at home.  The passages are on pages 3-8,14,20-21,25-26,32-36,40.


I-REPORTS… these must be reconciled by Oct. 31st

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Thursday, Oct. 20th

The observations on “Miss Brill” were collected today.  We then watched and discussed Wab Kinew’s video as an introduction to “Totem” (386).  We read and discussed the story, and noted what an ALLEGORY is.  We then started “The Garden of Time”.  Please finish reading this story and HIGHLIGHTING all the symbols.  Interpret what these symbols represent.  We shall discuss this next class.

If you were absent, you can download a copy of “The Garden of Time” here:

J. G. Ballard’s story


I-REPORTS… these must be reconciled by Oct. 31st

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Tuesday, Oct. 18th

We finished discussing “The Destructors,” and went over what you will be expected to comment upon in the IN CLASS ESSAY next Thursday, Oct. 27th. (purpose/content/style).

We then looked at CHARACTERIZATION and read “Miss Brill” (264).

If you have not finished it yet, write out a quotation showing how Miss Brill’s character is developed through each of the following aspects.  Name the TRAIT that it reveals.

  1.  physical appearance
  2. actions
  3. dialogue
  4. others’ opinions
  5. comparisons (allusions, metaphors, character foils)

This is due next class.


If you have an I-Report, it means that you are currently NOT PASSING.  Please complete all the listed missing assignments no later than Oct. 31st to rectify the situation.


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Friday, Oct. 14th

Mr. Chow came to talk about GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS today.  If you missed this, please go and see him to get all the pertinent information.

Your REVISED SPEECH was due today.


If you received an I-REPORT, you MUST hand in the LATE assignments no later than Oct. 31st.  Anything handed in after Oct. 31st will be ignored.

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Wednesday, Oct. 12th

We finished reading “The Destructors” (157), and then broke into smaller groups to focus on one of the following ideas in the story:  existentialism/nihilism, historical context, symbolism, gangs, leadership.  Each group is presenting their findings to the class.  We have three more presentations next class before we move on to the next story.

Your REVISED SPEECH is due on Friday.

If you are posting on the blog to boost your mark on the annotations, you must do so by Friday, Oct. 14th.  Anything posted after Friday will be ignored.


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Friday, Oct. 7th

The first draft of your speech was returned to you.  Please revise it and hand in the good copy on Friday, Oct. 14th.  If you would like to discuss it, come in at lunch or after school.

We went over EXISTENTIALISM and NIHILISM as we started reading and discussing “The Destructors” (157).  Having read part one, post any observations you have on existentialist/nihilistic ideas in the story, gangs, leadership, historical context,  and symbolism to THE DESTRUCTORS

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Commentary practice

Please post a quotation and comment on the writing STYLE…

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Wednesday, Oct. 5th

We wrote the FIRST DRAFT of the WRITTEN speech today.  You will get it back with my feedback on Friday, and then, you will get a chance to revise it before the final grade on the paper.


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Monday, Oct. 3rd

We finished off the PROSE NOTES with the last element of style:  METHODS OF DEVELOPMENT.  We practiced by identifying the methods of development in the essay entitled, “The Monster”.

Next class, hand in your annotated  “I Have a Dream” and “The Monster.”

“I Have A Dream”…identify 10 different rhetorical devices, underline and label the 4 different types of sentences, identify the TONE, and comment on the DICTION.

“The Monster”…identify the method of development in each of the paragraphs and the essay as a whole.

Come to class prepared to write the first draft of your “speech.”

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