Monday, Sept. 26th

We went over the SYNTAX WORKSHEET today and then discussed RHETORICAL DEVICES.  We practiced with the rhetorical devices worksheet and drew a term from the


Please look up your term and the examples provided, and them MAKE UP and ORIGINAL EXAMPLE to post on the homework site under RHETORIC.

Please finish reading “The Rocking Horse Winner” (220) for next class.


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  1. Asyndeton is a rhetorical device used in literature and poetry to eliminate conjunctions between the phrases and in the sentence, while still maintaining grammatical accuracy.

    Example: Sara runs, eats, sleeps. Instead of Sara runs and eats and sleeps.

  2. Anadiplosis- I felt exhausted and couldn’t concentrate and study today. However, if I don’t concentrate and study today, I won’t be able to go to college. If I won’t be able to go to college, I won’t be able to survive in this economy

  3. Diacope- It’s crazy how many people attended the event today, it’s just crazy!

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