Rhetoric examples

Please post your example of rhetoric in the comments below.  It won’t show up immediately as I have to verify it before it posts.

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  1. Anesis:
    I can hear bones crack and cows crying. I can also hear a slight dripping sound. But that is unimportant. Because the steak is delicious.

  2. Epizeuxis:

    After I told her that her boyfriend had cheated, I just cannot, cannot, cannot believe she went back to him!

  3. Love has no boundaries. Love is as free as the wind.

    Rhetoric example: conduplicatio
    (Carla Flores)

  4. Sententia (sen-TEN-chee-uh): Figure of argument in which a wise, witty, or pithy maxim or aphorism is used to sum up the preceding material.

    Example: I will not work a single day in my life,for if you love what you are doing and are doing what you love can you really call it work?

    • “Opportunity is often missed because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work”
      Thomas Edison

  5. Scesis Onomaton: I hate doing homework. It’s hard, boring, time-consuming and annoying.

  6. Appositio: Donald Trump, a presidential candidate and entrepreneur, will create a reckless downfall for the United States if he is elected president.

  7. Polysyndeton: I owed so much money to the government I could never keep track of it; maybe ten or twenty or fifty or one hundred million dollars.

  8. Distinction example:

    She was mad in the sense that she was crazy, not angry.

  9. Synecdoche:
    The crown was under the wrong hands.

  10. Oxymoron:
    Virtual Reality is a fast-developing technology.

  11. Epistrophe:
    seven years I’ve waited.
    seven years the birds have sung
    seven years the meadows river has run as though you were there.

    • If it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck…

      • yeah i accidentally made an example of Anaphora because the distinction of the two was in the description. #oops

  12. Parallelism:
    The cat ran through the forest, jumped over the logs, and chased the birds.

  13. Aposiopesis (a-poe-sigh-uh-PEA-sis): When the speaker abruptly stops or falls short of completing a statement.

    I was listening to Humpty Dumpty when a sudden blood curdling– By the way, I love cheese curds.

  14. Antimetabole:
    Surgeons are doctors but not all doctors are surgeons.

  15. Epanalepsis:
    Love is nothing if you have no one to love.

  16. Enumeratio:
    The dark sky is a map, a clock, a way of seeing the gods(constellations), or a way of exploring the universe

  17. Enthymeme:
    Where there are teenagers, there are phones.

  18. Hyperbole:
    I still have a ton of homework to finish.

  19. Epitheton
    He is a good person.

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