Wednesday, Sept. 28th

We discussed “The Rocking Horse Winner” (220), and considered a Freudian reading of the story and its theme.  We then went over the rhetorical devices that you posted on the homework page before reading “I Have A Dream”.

Highlight TEN DIFFERENT devices used in this speech.  Label each of them.




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Monday, Sept. 26th

We went over the SYNTAX WORKSHEET today and then discussed RHETORICAL DEVICES.  We practiced with the rhetorical devices worksheet and drew a term from the


Please look up your term and the examples provided, and them MAKE UP and ORIGINAL EXAMPLE to post on the homework site under RHETORIC.

Please finish reading “The Rocking Horse Winner” (220) for next class.


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Rhetoric examples

Please post your example of rhetoric in the comments below.  It won’t show up immediately as I have to verify it before it posts.

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Wednesday, Sept 21st

We read “Just Lather, That’s All” (191), and had a SOCRATIC SEMINAR discussion on the story.  We then added to the paragraph on whether killing is ever justified.  This along with the examples of the four types of sentences you made up last class were handed in today.

Please do the EVEN numbered questions on the SYNTAX HAND-OUT.  If you were absent, please come by to pick one up.

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Monday, Sept. 19th

We finished off our notes on SENTENCE STRUCTURE, which included your own examples.  You should have :

  • statement on the theme of “The Lottery”
  • an example of a simple sentence
  • an example of an independent clause
  • an example of a dependent clause
  • an example of a compound sentence
  • an example of a complex sentence
  • an example of a compound-complex sentence
  • a short paragraph on the prompt ” Is killing ever justified?”

We went over five pieces of advice on how to make these sentences even more effective.  We shall put all this into practice next class.  Please bring Inside Stories Senior with you.

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Thursday, Sept. 15th

We discussed the CONTENT and some of the STYLE in “The Lottery.” In doing so, we reviewed some key SHORT STORY TERMS.  There is a glossary at the back of the text where you can look up each of these terms.

We then wrote out the THEME of “The Lottery” as we began the lesson on SYNTAX. As I explained the types of sentences and their construction, you wrote your own examples.  So far, you should have an example of a SIMPLE SENTENCE, an INDEPENDENT CLAUSE, and a DEPENDENT CLAUSE.  We shall carry on with this next class.

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Tuesday, Sept. 13th

We finished the notes and discussion on DICTION today, and then we wrote two notes in two tones (5 marks) to demonstrate what we’ve learned so far.

We read “The Lottery” (147) and jotted down our initial reactions and observations.  We shall discuss this story next class.

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Friday, Sept. 9th

We went over the TONE vocabulary and practised creating a tone in writing.  We noted that the DICTION, the choice of words, created the TONE.  We then started our notes on the element of style called DICTION.  We shall continue from “slangs” onwards next class.

Have a great weekend!

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Wednesday, Sept. 7th

After the introduction to the course, we brainstormed on the topic of LABOUR DAY.  We then read the essay, “Labour Day is the Dreaded Bell in the Schoolyard of the Mind.” We highlighted passages that caught our attention and shared our observations on them. Having done so, we started our PROSE TERMS NOTES.  We are currently looking at the element of style called TONE.

Look up the definition of one of the TONE WORDS with which you were unfamiliar, and choose your favourite word from the list. We will be working with these words next class.

It was lovely to meet you all!

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